Launch access is via a 4×4 low range only road. No all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles! This is a Forest Service requirement.

We do not provide transportation to the launch. We coordinate the drivers that we have.

Rides to the launch are typically $10/per person. Please bring cash to pay your drivers.

Transportation is always THE biggest headache at any event. We strive to find trucks and drivers every time. Please bring a padded, racked 4×4 truck and help out your fellow pilots.


After 23 years in the making, the entire launch road was rebuilt and new parking was created. Best of all, we have a new upper launch! The new launch gives us a much desired Western exposure that we never had before. Many a pilot has had to breakdown and drive away when it went West…Not anymore. From one spot now you can launch in Southeast through Northwest.

The grand opening will be Memorial weekend, May 24th, 2024. This $200,000 project was spearheaded long ago by many local pilots. It was a frustrating process. Just as we were making progress, Forest Rangers would relocate or retire. Undaunted, we kept at it.

Many good folks helped us move the ball down the field. Then, Davey Pitcher, pilot and owner of Wolf Creek Ski Area, stepped in and got us across the goal line. He provided the equipment, the funds and the engineering needed to pull it off. His decades long relationship with the Forest Service and a new, enthusiastic Ranger finally made it all happen. So, many thanks to Davey and Rose Pitcher and the Wolf Creek Ski Area foundation. Special thanks to Tristram Post of the Forest Service.

So come out ya’ll and try the new launch. It’s called “The Perch”.