Spot Landing Competition Rules

  • Pilots will receive a mandatory removable helmet sticker with their competitor number
  • Radios are mandatory
  • Garmin inReach strongly advised
  • Buddy flying is strongly encouraged; keep an eye on your friends
  1. The umpire issues the final call. If you don’t want a close call, don’t make it close. Go fly again.
  2. Land, hit the spot, then get out of the way!
  3. You are allowed two deceleration steps toward the spot. One – Two. Second step must be on the spot or touching the next ring.
  4. Just like on second base in baseball, if your momentum takes you past the bag, one foot must remain on the bag/spot or your score goes to the outer ring.
  5. Hang gliders will score zero if you whack the nose plate or touch control bar with the ground. Keel and tips ground contact OK.
  6. Paragliders score a zero if you fall down, even just to a knee. Only stand up landings will be scored.
  7. Handicap considerations for impaired, aged, or injured pilots will be made on umpires discretion. Please contact the umpire and discuss in advance.
  8. As with all scoring rings, two deceleration steps are allowed to get to the ring. Same as above, one foot must remain on the bag if going over. You may enter as many flights as you wish. Your top four are the ones that count. Pick your weather and time: early, mid-day or late. It’s up to you.
  9. You will have a radio tuned to 151.925 and 151.625 and be in touch with the umpire and meet officials. Check your radio and get it bumped up.
  10. Pilots must make their best attempt on the radio to declare incoming intentions using their name and competitor number. For example: “Larry, 160 on contest approach.” Alert staff and umpire on either frequency.
  11. Keep in mind that on these channels will be headquarters, meet operations, transportation, pilot channel and weather callouts. I can adjust my volume and channels in flight – can you?
  12. Unsportsmanlike conduct, lewd or inappropriate behavior will NOT be tolerated. You will be evicted from the event. If you witness this kind of behavior, please talk to the umpire or event organizers so we can address the issue immediately.
  13. During the contest if the pilot approaches the target dangerously, the umpire may score it a zero. For example, any aerobatic, high bank maneuvers exceeding 45 degrees close to the ground at radical angles. It is the umpire’s judgment so do a better approach. 
  14. It is not uncommon for hang gliders to perform a mild, controlled whipstall on the final to dump altitude. This will be allowed. The umpire will judge its cleanliness. 
  15. P2 and H2 pilots must have sign off from an instructor to participate in the competition.
  16. Remember, the most important rule is safety!