Hayden Pass Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club

Hayden Pass Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club members will be staffing this event. We can always use more volunteers! Please contact us to offer your skills.

A Brief History of Colorado Fly Week

Villa Grove has had many fly ins over the years, but in 2012 we decided to take it to a new level. Attendance was high and had the look and feel of the once great Telluride Airman’s Rendezvous that ran yearly for 27

years. Many of these pilots have known each other for decades, and an excuse to get together brings pilots out of the woodwork. Personally, my motivation, and I think many agree, is that we do it to see our peeps! Getting together was all the motivation we needed.

On came Fly Week 2014, then the final, final 2016 blowout! That was a $52,000 party that raised $9,800 for Search and Rescue. Fly Week is not a profit-generating endeavor, all proceeds above expenses are donated to our local first responders. It is an exclusive, free flight gathering and pilots that want to be a part of it should come with an attitude of helpfulness. Think:
> How can I contribute?
> What can I do to make the week great?
> Do I have a 4×4 truck with padding that I can use to help transport?

Our attendees from the past are absolutely awesome and it’s a privilege to serve them. That’s our motivation. That’s our plan.

Over the years, pilots have plead with me to do more Fly Weeks, but alas we had volunteer burnout and all of us are getting older. I myself can’t do it physically (like I used to) much less a year’s worth of planning. I’m always encouraged by the multitude of volunteers that say they will step up…..Sooo, it’s my 50th year of flight and I’ve always wanted to have a World Championship Spot Landing. It’s very reminiscent of the old days. So here we go. Welcome, sign up! We’re all volunteers. Let’s all throw in and have some great flying and fun together.

~The Meathead Larry Smith

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