ANNOUNCEMENT : Unfortunately Colorado Fly Week is going to be cancelled. I asked a few good friends and accomplished pilots be my advisory board to council me on all matters of the event.  I really wanted to have a meet that compensated merit and safety in spot landing . After all in order to get your rating even you have to perform spot landing in front of your examiner of instructor.  Our rules paid well for safe landings and penalized anything risky…incentivizing safety. I considered doing this meet without insurance cause I believe Villa is a pretty safe place to hold a meet. No power lines no buildings very few people other than pilots. My board said ya gotta have insurance Larry, just too much to lose. That said, the current structure of USHPA’S insurance will not allow prize money which was important to me. They said they might consider insuring the event if I dropped the prize money.  I considered it but was wholly disappointed. It’s a slap in the face to our experienced staff the Fly Week structure and it’s family.

If you try and fill out all of the requirements to qualify for USHPA’S event packet, you begin to realize that you’re writing up a plan in such lurid details up to hundred pages or more of stuff you’re required to do. And then you realize even with a staff of a thousand you couldn’t possibly police what it is you’re agreeing to. So if something goes wrong ooops you didn’t have that covered you missed that sir! And you’re hung out to dry.  This structure and its complexity is killing events in the US.  Further, I found a company that would overwrite the event but only if all pilots had their individual policies that come with USHPA’S membership. Cool, no problem EXCEPT THAT YOUR INDIVIDUAL POLICY THROUGH THE MEMBERSHIP IS NULL AND VOID IF YOU ATTEND AN EVENT WHERE THE ACE RRG POLICY IS NOT IN PLACE.  Sooo you’re only married to the only option and other carriers won’t touch it because they want at least one level of protection below the master policy. So I got upset, very upset. They have all the say and control.  And blow it off with our hands a tied or that’s just how it is these days. Now I’m a contractor and if I ran my business like that well I’d be out of business. Now when I need insurance I call my agent tell him what I’m interested in he says he’ll get back to me he writes it up I go in and sign it and pay, he doesn’t just dump it on my lap and say figure it out. Only to have them hack your meet apart telling what parts of it you can do and the parts you can’t, like in Red Rocks.

I’m old school people – a smile and a handshake goes a long ways for me. Bureaucratic BS is not my wheelhouse. I’m going to really miss seeing you all because that’s why I wanted to do it. Especially that Ellenville crowd, those crazy boys from Tennessee, and many, many old friends. I tried… it ain’t the old days I wanted to visit just one more time. I will be refunding everybody’s money. I apologize and take full responsibility for it. Come on out and fly for free anytime. My people are welcome in my backyard! ~Larry

$10,000 Purse

50th Anniversary Flight Celebration
Antique Glider Show – Bring yours to display

Classes: Hang Glider, Paraglider and Teams

Villa Grove, Colorado
Competition: August 29-September 1, 2024

Rain date for finals on September 2nd, if needed
Practice days: August 26 – 28

Field will be limited so register soon!

Early bird pricing before May 1st: $249

After May 1st: $275

Colorado Fly Week is a week-long festival celebrating 50 years of flight for pilots that started in 1974. The festival includes a World Spot Landing Event and an antique gear display. We encourage all pilots to bring their own antique gear to tie down for display. The festival also includes camaraderie with pilots from past events, music, entertainment, and great flying. Come join us for a week of flying fun!

The Spot Landing Competition will score your best four flights and drop your lowest scores. The scoring

system is designed to pay the hungry pilot. It allows for comebacks even at the last minute. It is even likely tie scores will lead to an exciting sudden death play-off finish. A crowd pleaser for sure!